Modern dinnerware

When planning a wedding many couples commonly search for wedding planning tips on a budget. But throw in a pandemic, too? Ouch.

Things have gotten a bit more complicated than they used to be, and it’s normal to feel in over your head. Fortunately, you’re not alone. There are a lot of brides and grooms struggling with the same challenges right now, and there are tons of creative ways to cope.

To help you navigate your plans — and your back-up plans — we’ve gathered some of our top tips for planning, adjusting, and managing wedding events during these unprecedented times — all with an eye for cost-efficiency. Pick and choose what works best for you and your budget, and know that, at the end of the day, there is no wrong way to celebrate love.

Wedding planning tips on a budget

1. Scale and Simplify

Having a smaller reception now doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a big reception later on. Even without a pandemic, it’s perfectly reasonable to scale down your wedding to what works for you in the moment and circle back to something more extravagant down the road. Everyone loves a celebration, and we promise that your guests will be just as happy to eat, drink, and dance with you at a later date.

2. Get Everyone Involved in Some Way

It’s important to keep your guest list as small as possible right now, which can be a bummer for any extended family or long-distance cousins. But, just because everyone can’t be there in person doesn’t mean they can’t be involved. Live stream the ceremony for those who can’t attend, and arrange a time when everyone can drive by the venue if they choose and cheer you on.

3. Take Inspiration From Others Who Have Walked the Virtual Aisle

It might seem like you’re the first couple in all of history to be facing this unique moment. However, since the pandemic started earlier this year many couples have successfully  ironed out the details of how to host a great virtual wedding. Do some research to get inspiration for your own big day, and take solace in seeing that an unforgettable wedding truly is possible right now. 

4. Be Deliberate in Your Decorating

When it comes to wedding and home décor, online shopping is your friend. You have tons of options for affordable, intimate decorations that evoke warmth and welcome — all without the pressure of feeling like you need to go above and beyond with your décor (and your décor budget). Some of our favorite wedding picks at the moment include these adorable brass candle holders and customizable chalkboard napkin rings.

5. Opt For Modern Dinnerware

Go with a modern, minimalist look when choosing your dinnerware, like these Palm Desert plates in black paired with a matching pitcher. A simple monochromatic tablescape with a few unique touches is a great way to keep the costs down while creating a stylish space, and it’s easy to achieve when you can’t run from store to store sourcing your table items.

Home decor online shopping

A wedding is a beautiful event, regardless of how much you spend or how you have to limit your guest list. So our last piece of advice: celebrate! Crank up the music, pour the champagne, and live in the moment — just be sure to take into account health and safety precautions for yourself and your guests while you do it.