As we leave 2020 and don’t look back, the best way to start out the new year starts with your space. With 2021 ahead of us and some quarantine tricks up our sleeves we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. At the beginning of each year, many of us create a list of resolutions to plan new starts like fitness plans, aspirations, and new year manifestations to get ready to take things in a new direction.Whether we stick to them or not, the best way to kick start your year off right is to start with your environment. This year take these five resolutions for your home to clear up space and generate new energy for the new year!

01 Clean Room By Room 

New Year’s is the perfect time to do a deep cleanse in your home. Cleaning your space is not only a physical way to make things feel like a fresh start but it also mentally sets you up to successfully focus on your other new year’s resolutions and helps you get organized. As hard as it is to say goodbye to the holiday season, a great start is by getting rid of the tree, putting away decorations, and finding a set place for all of your new gifts from Christmas. Take this tactic room by room, making sure to vacuum, rinse, and repeat until your home looks brand new again. 

02 Purge Things That No Longer Give You Joy 

The past is in the past, and what no longer serves us can stay there. Cleaning is a great place to start but while you are picking things up, why not throw things out. Making room for new memories clears space for new energy and creates real change in your home. Go room by room so you don’t get overwhelmed and start getting rid of things that haven’t seen the light of day in over a year or so. 

03 Donate What You Can!

Once you have completed your purging process, divide and label everything into two piles, one to toss and one to donate. Donating during the winter months is so important, especially for those that need it the most. While cleaning, take a moment to reconsider throwing out old throws or slightly used jackets and instead donate them to someone in need. 

04  Organize 

Once all of your piles are either tossed or donated, it’s time to organize. Placing intention and meaning towards every item gives the pieces in your space purpose and a place to call home. This gives all of your precious items a designated area to live in and makes picking up/rearranging more intentional and effortless. Once everything has found a new spot, look around your space to see where to add new elements of design to complete your 2021 look. This tactic also goes for your junk draws and cabinets, reorganizing gives your home new energy to thrive in. 

05 Rearrange + Redecorate 

A new year marks a new start, a revitalization. This can manifest in a New Year’s resolution or in changing up the design of your living space. You don’t need to be a professional interior designer to do the latter. Just consider some of these home decorating tips to re-energize your space for the new year.

Reviving Functional Spaces 

After spending so much time in our homes last year a new trend in 2021 is multifunctional spaces. A space in your home might serve as a classroom/art studio or an in-home office/reading nook, whatever the case may be, make it functional! With that being said, why not turn a part of your space into an open coffee bar moment, adding your favorite coffee drip system, all your coffee barista accessories, some good reads, and contrasting drinkware to make your own self-serve coffee bar. It’s functional, inviting, and changes up the way you’ll use your space this year a bit.

Incorporate New Pieces to Elevate the Old Ones

Many of us have old shelves or end tables that can serve as a base for a new design direction. The best way to reinvent a space is by changing out the home accessories to set a new mood.

We even highly recommend painting an accent wall or creating one with intricate pieces and incorporating new frames, a shelf for vases, and natural elements to contrast against the rest of your decor and rejuvenate the pieces you already have. 

Bring Natural Elements Into Your Home

Finally, once the new pieces are incorporated and everything has found its place in your home, the last but most important part is bringing nature indoors. Plants add beautiful pops of color without being too overpowering, all while creating well-being and life in your space. House plants like the monstera, fiddle leaf fig, and palms are great plants to have in any well-lit room. Play around with different planters, textures, and heights to fill in any bare spaces in each room. Plants are also a reflection of your own inner spirit. When you grow, they grow. An old saying is “You can always tell how well you are doing by how well your plants are living.” - Unknown So, if your plants are thriving, so are you! 

We hope this year is kind to you and wish you the happiest new year! Let’s put our best foot forward and start this year off right by generating positive energy in our home base.