In honor of National Simplicity Week, we thought what wouldn't be a better way to celebrate than with our Daily Starters lifestyle brand. Daily Starters home decor centers around modern functionality and dual purpose. Each piece is created not only to elevate your space but to add practical elements to your everyday lifestyle. Daily Starters is multifunctional and includes useful housewares to make life’s daily routines fun and simple. 

For starters, breakfast is the most important meal of the day but mornings can be hectic (especially if you're not much of a morning person). Here are a few essentials to make your mornings run smooth and to overall, simplify your life.


Individual Coffee Brewer


Use Daily Starters’ Individual Coffee Brewer to make the perfect cup with no mess. Replace your french press or cut back on wasted pots of coffee with this easy pour-over coffee system. Simply add your filter, add your favorite grounds, and pour hot water. Once the coffee is brewed, grab the cup, pour, and enjoy. Easily make a cup for one or a pitcher for two! The craft and mug are designed to stack, and store away when not in use, and add a simplistic aesthetic to your coffee bar or kitchen counter.


Tea Brewing System 


Serve guests complimentary tea with the Daily Starters Morning Tea Brewing System. The tea pitcher is shaped to pour hot water over loose-leaf tea to brew a nice cup without the mess. Each set comes with a serving dish for sugar or cream, and a mug perfectly sized for morning or afternoon tea.


Coffee + Tea Pod Holder 


Keep your coffee station neat and tidy with the Daily Starters pod holder, compatible for all standard Keurig products. Make mornings simple by easily accessing just the right coffee or tea pod you want. This simple but elegant pod-holder stand complements your daily morning routine and looks good on any countertop. Despite its good looks, this work of art is made of natural and dishwasher-safe ceramic—it’s tough enough to withstand the most busiest kitchen. Perfect for coffee addicts or as housewarming presents, this useful, timeless piece will fit right into your other appliances and kitchen decor.


Citrus Storage Container  


This simple dish is just as cute as it is function! Leave it to Daily Starters to create a bowl sized perfectly to serve and store citrus fruits and afternoon snacks. This citrus bowl with topper is hand-painted and molded from quality stoneware. Put on display when not in use or store grapefruit halves for later with this one-of-a-kind multifunctional dish.


Crafted Butter Cloche


Spread the word! Daily Starters Butter Cloche is upgrading the everyday butter dish.  Designed to store homemade infused butter or standard butter sticks, this piece is a new take on old forms. Pair with the Daily Starters citrus bowl and you have yourself a clean simplistic breakfast display.


 Corner Colander 


Another vintage play on new forms, the Daily Starters Corner Kitchen Colander is a great way to drain, rinse, and store all at the same time. Drain pasta, rinse berries, or use as a sink compost catcher when done with food scraps, this piece not only makes life in the kitchen simple but is shaped for effortless serving or easy storage. 


Stackable Canister Set 


Hide pantry essentials inside Daily Starters' Stackable kitchen canisters. Each container has an airtight silicone gasket lid to seal up flour, sugar, coffee, or tea. Designed to contrast any kitchen design, stack or arrange on your kitchen countertop for a crisp and refreshing look. 

Meal prepping is an easy way to simplify your life! These following pieces make cooking dinner fun and effortless. Cutting down on cleaning and preparing meals gives you more time to enjoy simple moments with family and friends. Make life simpler with Daily Starters' Chop and Store set. Each piece is made from high-quality stoneware and comes with an acacia wood lid that serves not only as a closure but also as a serving or chopping board. When done simply store away for next time. The Chop and Store concept is great for marinating meats, storing baked goods, and for other meal prepping needs. 


Nesting Spouted Bowls


Make your life simpler with Daily Starters' Nesting Mixing Bowls. Each come in a set of three sizes so you can mix, prep, serve, and more! Every bowl nests nicely together when not in use for hassle-free storage. The spouted edge functions as a seamless pouring tool for baking, gravy, dressing, and drizzling.


Stackable Wine Rack


Crafted entirely from stoneware, the Daily Starters Wine Cube set are a beautiful and space-saving way to store bottles on a kitchen counter and striking enough to flow with your kitchen design. Best of all? These wine cubes are stackable! Add or take cubes away depending on how much storage you need. This fun and functional set is great for urban apartment living. 

No one loves chores, so why not make cleaning simple and fun! This next batch of Daily Starters act as a helping hand in the kitchen and look good while doing it. 

Utensil Drainer Crock

This dual-purpose Utensil Drainer not only holds all your kitchen tools in one accessible place but also serves as a drainer AND garlic keeper. Each piece has built-in drainage that aids as a drying tool and allows air circulation when needing to store garlic. Be sure to keep the lid handy for an airtight seal to keep garlic cool and dry.


Dish Soap Pump + Sponge Tray


Your sink just got a sleek new sidekick with Daily Starters' Soap Pump + Sponge Tray Set. That pared-down silhouette and go-anywhere creamy white stoneware makes a picture-perfect match in just about any kitchen. This piece is engineered to serve not only as a sponge holder but naturally drains access water back into the sink, leaving your kitchen space nice and clean. Use the sophisticated dispenser to hold hand-soap, dish-soap, lotion…you get the idea. Simple right? 


Your home is where you spend most of your time, make life more simplistic with adding home accessories that add more value to your everyday lifestyle. 


Acoustic Phone Amp


Add cool-looking acoustics to your streaming sound with Daily Starters' handmade ceramic phone amp. A sophisticated blend of classic material, modern form, and functional craftsmanship, its shape is artfully designed to give your phone’s audio a richer, warmer, full-bodied sound. Completed with a smooth matte finish, it’s a beautiful attention magnet in your office or kitchen when not in use. Because it doesn’t need electricity, it is easily mobile and can be used for outdoor entertaining, camping, and beach trips, all while cords not detracting from its sleek, sculptural form. Simply set your phone in the slot and enjoy with ears and eyes. The hidden slot within the amp makes it easy to charge your phone while listening to your favorite playlist.


The Glow and Grow Candle Pot



Enjoy the eucalyptus scented candle, then use the beautiful terracotta container as a planter for succulents or small flowers. The simple, modern design of this handcrafted clay pot makes it a perfect fit for any style of home decor, from modern to boho. Reduce your carbon footprint with a reusable planter pot that’s sturdy, classic, and easy to clean. The candle-wax is 100% soy-based with a 84 hour burn time. 


Hope we inspired you to slow down and find ways to make your life simpler! Share with us your ideas and tricks to make your everyday lifestyle more simple and effortless.