Whether you’re throwing a barbecue with family, or a formal dinner with friends, your summer serveware can say a lot about you. Here are some trends for your summer home decor, to add that extra “oomph” to your events that’ll keep people talking for the rest of the year.

Your home decor is a reflection of self, and tiny details can be huge displays of personality and style. Feeling good about your home is feeling good about yourself, and this representation of expression is often overlooked. While artisan trends are often subject to change, these summer serveware ideas have made the spotlight, and provided many homes with beautiful, endearing decor.

Summer Farmhouse Decor

Current house-decorating trends have seen a huge spike in summer farmhouse decor as a way to bring authenticity and a rustic touch to a home. This mix of new and old materials is backed by a heavy use of natural wood, especially restored wood, patterned with neutral paint colors like white and various pastels.

This Citrine Monterey outdoor bundle is a perfect example of how to mix old-fashioned and modern as a way to bring charm to your outdoor event. Natural wood like mango, seen in this Canyon Plateau serving board allows your farmhouse serveware to have depth, while other pieces like the Canyon Kanara placemat set speaks to the importance of neutral colors alongside natural wood. Consider pieces like these to get that sense of hospitality and comfort at your next outdoor outing.

Decorating Your Summer Table

Summer serveware

Table displays are paramount in contributing to your summer home decor ideas, but these can be challenging to create due to the amount of choices available. For that reason, complimenting and matching with similar styles is what makes everything work. Here are great options to consider. 

  • Bundles are stellar ways to get that perfect match all in one go, so you can reach that particular style you desire. Consider options like the Canyon Outdoor bundle to entertain effortlessly and to enhance your events with ease.
  • Boards & Charcuterie are a great and simple way to bring maturity to your event. Cheese spreads and antipasto boards look great, taste great, and provide classiness without trying too hard.
  • Cloth items like napkins and placemats can soften up your table decor in contrast with the heavier punches like wood trays and pastel dishes.
  • Pitchers and vases can add flare without overwhelming a table. Rustic, vintage-inspired pieces like this Canyon Earthenware vase allows for simplicity to take the stage, especially when matched with floral elements to provide life and naturality.

Decor That Innovates, Inspires, and Enhances

Serveware sets for entertaining

Citrine provides home decor accents that mirror your personal style and taste. Our goal is to bring to you that one-of-a-kind lifestyle through thoughtfully crafted and curated home goods. Whether you desire a modern minimalist style through our Citrine Collection, or curated wood pieces from our new Noir Expansion, we are here to provide you with artisan home decor that speaks to your soul.