If you’re looking for exciting home décor trends, 2022 already has a lot to offer. Whether you’re interested in a quick refresh or a total revamp, we’re sharing some of the most anticipated new trends in exclusive home décor, including a quick look at one of our favorite new homeware designers.

Trends in home décor 2022

We may not be very far into the new year, but it’s never too early to shine a spotlight on the home décor trends that are shaping up to make an impact. Starting in 2021, we’ve seen a huge push toward natural textures and the use of bold and bright colors. We’ve also seen more appreciation for personal style, designing your space in a way that makes you feel your best, rather than just adopting whatever it seems like everyone else is doing.

As you work toward creating a home that you truly love, try out one or more of these trending home ideas for 2022 and surround yourself with modern chic décor that looks and feels like real luxury.

Goodbye neutrals, hello color

Neutrals will always have a place in the home, but color is king in 2022. Jewel tones, rich earthy shades, and pretty pastels are all trending, as are mix-and-match color palettes that bring a little something unexpected to your space. Don’t be afraid to go bold with the colors you choose for your walls, ceilings, and décor, though do bring in balance as needed with natural wood tones, metallics, and whites.

Modern chic decor

Bringing the outside in

The more time we spend indoors, the more important it becomes to celebrate nature in our space. Plants have been a staple of the contemporary home for years, but now we’re taking it a step further with the increased addition of natural materials and textures—think stone, terracotta, marble, and wood—and natural objects in warm, organic shapes and colors. Look for nature-inspired items that ignite multiple senses at once and add airiness and calm to your home.

Smart objects changing the game

Seamlessly blend technology-driven items into your space by investing in smart products that add convenience to your life without detracting from your style. From doorbells to air purifiers to kitchen appliances, it’s never been easier to find smart objects that look great and serve a great purpose, and that’s a win-win in our book. Adding functionality to your home doesn't stop there, Add modern technology to your home with Daily Starters home decor. Each piece is created not only to elevate your space but to add practical elements to your everyday lifestyle. Daily Starters is multifunctional and includes useful housewares like the Ceramic Coffee Pod Holder, Soap + Sponge Holder, and Ceramic Phone Amp.  

S I G N - U P   F O R   U P D A T E S

Love for vintage and sustainable objects

The fast fashion-ification of interior design has real impacts on the planet—and our wallets. This year and beyond, focus instead on giving new purpose to old objects by shopping vintage and making use of what you already have. Look for sustainable textiles too, which look just as pretty as the other stuff but without all of the reciprocal damage.

Farmhouse decor trends

What about farmhouse décor trends?

Farmhouse has been a trending style for years now, and that’s likely to continue, with some caveats.

What makes farmhouse so popular is in large part its cozy, welcoming feel, and there’s no reason to ditch that if it’s something you’re really fond of. What you can do however is look at trending updates in farmhouse décor to refresh the look and keep it more current. This includes:

  • Buying antique. Swap out mass-produced farmhouse décor for the real deal and get a more authentic farmhouse feel.
  • Opting for light woods instead of distressed. Distressed wood definitely had a moment in early farmhouse décor, but today it’s all about lime-washing and light tones.
  • Investing in quality. Some farmhouse pieces will always be fashionable, including big wooden dining tables and plush vintage rugs. If it’s something you’ll adore for many years, let yourself splurge a bit and buy something that will stand the test of time.

Melissa Koby: A designer to watch in 2022

Every year brings new designers to the forefront, and this year, we’re all about Melissa Koby.

Melissa Koby is a Jamaican-born, Tampa-based illustrator who fell in love with art at the age of four, when her mom gave her a paint set. Her works are an expression of her feelings in the current climate combined with the energy and balance to spark joy and change. Kolor Me Koby started as Melissa’s wedding hashtag, and became a reflection of her creative vision: colorful, bold, organic, inclusive, timeless and modern. 

Bring something new to your table with Kolor Me Koby, Melissa Koby’s first tabletop and entertaining line designed with color, earthy elements and most of all love! You’ll find organic shapes and lots of texture, plus hand painted and complementary hues that mix and match beautifully and reflect Melissa’s motto: “Live life creatively.” Be sure to check out Melissa’s NEW! Sunset Collection online or in a World Market near you and follow Melissa Koby on Instagram to be positively inspired!